Project Description


Tear Resistant Card Sleeve made of Paper Tyger paper material. It is a durable paper/plastic/paper laminate that resists tearing.

There are many significant advantages when using a tear resistant card sleeve envelope. One being the ease of printing. There are no special set-ups or inks required resulting in less drying time. The resulting smooth printed surface displays excellent graphics. Another advantage is the inner layer of film is comparable to the moisture barrier in synthetic papers. Tear resistant card sleeve envelopes have the ability to withstand rain, wind, sun, snow, humidity and drastic temperature shifts.

Size: 2-3/8” x 3-1/2” with thumb-cut notch.

  • Uncoated Paper Printing Surface
  • Grease Resistant, Used for Excessive Handling
  • 4 Color, High Quality, Offset Printing
  • Full Array of Customization Options
  • Custom Colors